F*ck No Internet Dating

F*ck No Internet Dating

Truisms about finding love in the modern age.

Anonymous asked: My fiancé dumped me last week OVER INSTANT MESSENGER. Your blog is the first thing I've genuinely laughed at since crawling my way out of bed a few days ago. Thank-you. Sincerely. (Also, you should only see some of the amazing messages I got on OKC in the past!)

Ok so no offence to your fiancé but he totally sucks. I’m allowed to say that, right? HE SUCKS. HE SUCKS DONKEY BALLS. THIS GIF IS FOR YOUR FIANCE. (the heart shape is for you)

I’m so happy this has cheered you up. Being dumped is the worst but that old adage is really true. It gets easier every day. Just see yourself on a journey and there is light at the end of the tunnel. And one day this will be just a funny story you tell your best friends and husband and thank your LUCKY STARS that you did not marry this UTTER EXCUSE for a human being.

Until that time, I recommend the following attitude:

It’s never served me wrong.

I present to you: the most insane man on OkCupid

So first I’d like to start with this gif

And here we are: the most batshit bonkers man ever to walk the earth. I am now very scared I’m going to end up in small cubes in a sidewalk and also petrified of lemons.